Maxx Williams shed more than tackles on his 40-yard catch-and-run, Eric Weddle Jerseysthe biggest play in the Baltimore Ravens' 31-7 preseason victory Thursday in Miami.

The Ravens tight end pushed aside the perception that he wasn't fully recovered from a surgery no one will talk specifically about and reinserted himself into the conversation as a playmaker for this team.C.J. Mosley Jerseys"He’s a sneaky athlete," coach John Harbaugh said. Elvis Dumervil Jerseys"You want to think that he’s not athletic and all of a sudden he starts running people over and breaking tackles. That’s what we’ve been looking for from him since we drafted him. That was really fun to watch."

Williams was never the most fluid runner, even when the Ravens made him the first true tight end drafted in 2015. But in this year's training camp, Williams was slow coming off the snap and couldn't get separation in routes.

This was the result of a knee surgery 10 months ago that the team described as complicated and rare. Harbaugh said it's the first time an NFL player has had this surgery then returned to playing.

What made this surgery so unique? Team officials say it's up to Williams to discuss it, Dennis Pitta Jerseysand Williams has declined to explain.

What Williams will say is he had to stay off his feet for 10 weeks and didn't begin running again until the middle of June.